Your time is your own

Choosing Pelican means choosing the freedom to do what you want, when you want. As soon as you step on board, your time is your own. With no itineraries or strict schedules, any request you have can be informally discussed with your captain.

Want to plunge into the warm Indian ocean to discover some of the best coral reefs in the world? Jump in! Or perhaps you’d like to drop anchor so you can explore the surrounding islands by bicycle? Done. Maybe all you want to do is work on that tan while reading a good book out on the deck? Whichever activity suits you best – be our guest.

Snorkling & Scuba

We provide all the basic gear you need to snorkel, and explore what the reefs have to offer.

  • Scuba can be arranged
  • You’ll be taken to the finest spots
  • Gear included


With 4 trawling rods and reels with basic tackle on board, you can fish to your heart’s content. If you’d like to bring your own specialised gear, by all means, please do.

Should you be interested in the world class fishing that’s offer, we can also arrange specialised fishing trips to the deep water drop offs surrounding the inner islands. This offering is not included in the standard charter and rates vary, depending on your needs.

  • Fishing is a way of life on Pelican
  • Learn to catch your own lunch
  • Ask about going to the deep water drop offs


Paddle around peacefully in one of our two double kayaks. Watch the underwater world below as you glide along the warm tropical waters. Perfect for exploring untouched coves while island hopping from one lush oasis to the next.

  • Grab a paddle partner or go solo
  • Explore the hidden coves of the archipelago
  • Get a great workout while you’re at it


We have a longboard and two SUPs (stand up paddle boards) that you’re welcome to use whenever you feel like a mini adventure off the boat. See a surfable wave? Grab the log and get out there. Want to do some SUP yoga? You’ll have to show us how.

  • Catch a fun wave whenever you spot one
  • Head out for a sunset (or sunrise) paddle
  • Enjoy your adventure from a different perspective


Whenever Pelican is anchored, our 6m RIB (rugged inflatable boat) gives us the freedom to take you to and from any of the tropical beaches you spot along your voyage. It also allows us to explore the hidden nooks and beautiful little bays that are only accessible by smaller boat.

  • Enjoy complete freedom of mobility
  • Get dropped off on white sand beaches
  • Zip around to explore hidden coves


A bicycle ride through Old Town, La Digue is an absolute must for anyone visiting the Seychelles. This idyllic inner island is as rich in culture as it is in raw, natural beauty. Cruise through vanilla plantations and towering coconut palms as you get a real feel for authentic island life.

  • Explore Old Town by bicycle
  • Immerse yourself in island life
  • Look out for Hawkbill sea turtles

Please note:

Besides our experienced and competent crew, we comply to all maritime standards and all necessary safety gear is onboard. Pelican does have life jackets onboard, but they are for emergencies only and not for recreational purposes. If needed, guests must kindly bring their own.

Make your experience memorable